Three Wine Regions to Explore from Hobart, Tasmania

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Are you a wine lover staying in Hobart and looking for some fun foodie day trips? We are about to share with you our favourite wineries and food stops in the three key wine regions closest to Hobart: Coal River Valley, Huon Valley and Derwent Valley. 

You'll find some killer Pinot, Chardonnay, Sparkling and Riesling, and some of the country's best cheese. 

Go ahead and tick these three regions off your wine-loving bucket list! Let's go!

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Three wine regions near Hobart

Coal River Valley

Coal River Valley, a wine region near Hobart

Situated a brief 20-minute drive northeast of Hobart, the Coal River wine region encompasses Richmond, Cambridge, Campania, and Tea Tree in its charming neighbourhood. 

The sun-drenched northeast slopes of the valley host the majority of vineyards strategically positioned to capture the warmth. 

Within this picturesque landscape, a diverse array of wine grapes flourishes, with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc emerging as the most prevalent and celebrated varieties.

Here is a lineup of our favourite wineries in the Coal River Valley:

Puddleduck Vineyard

Puddleduck Vineyard is a friendly and relaxed spot that offers wines that are a pleasure to drink. The family-owned vineyard invites guests to taste their exceptional handpicked wines (Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and blends) with delicious local cheese platters. 

Their sparkling is Pinot dominant, which is right up our alley. This was also our first introduction to Tassie Pinot on the island, and what first hit us was surprisingly graphite-like characters. Fruity and bright, yet showed some depth with forest floor, mushroom, and yes-graphite. 

Open every day, Puddleduck has a beautiful setting for visitors to bliss out, surrounded by rolling hills and quiet countryside.

Puddle Duck Vineyar in the Coal River, a wine region near Hobart

Wicked Cheese Co.

Wicked Cheese Co. is a small cheese factory built beside Puddleduck Vineyard, creating a perfect stopover between wine tastings. The company does not use preservatives or add colourings to its products, keeping the taste pure and natural, which seems to be the theme of Tasmania! 

You can't go wrong if you try their Triple Cream Brie, Blue Brie or Vintage Cheddar - every variation was delicious and besides - who says no to cheese!?

Wicked Cheese Company, in a wine region near Hobart

Some of our favorite gear!

Pooley Wines

Pooley Wines comprises two vineyards in Coal River Valley and the Derwent Valley. The cellar door in Richmond (Coal River) is housed in a heritage-listed, convict-built home. 

The owners at the time, John and Libby Pooley, would drive past this home on their way to work every day, admire it, and long wanted to get ahold of it. One day, a friend mentioned it was up for sale, and it got into their hot little hands. 

The winery started on Riesling and Pinot Noir and remains the core of their range. The single vineyard Butcher's Hill Riesling and Cooinda Vale Riesling were an experience to taste side-by-side and highlight the massive potential of Reisling in Tasmania. 

The 2022 Chardonnay gave Burgundy Meursault vibes (big call, we know), and the single-site Pinots were our favourite in Southern Tassie.

Their tasting experience is for the true wine nerd: single vineyards, side-by-side with knowledgeable staff. Oh, and duck pizza is on the menu if you're hungry for lunch! Win/win for us.

Pooley Wines Cellar door in the Coal River Valley, a wine region near Hobart

Coal River Farm

Coal River Farm was a must on our list after trying their Triple Cream Brie at De Giorgio in Coonawarra. It may be the best brie in Australia - try it yourself! 

And if there's one next best thing after Wine and Cheese - it's chocolate. They make small batches of handmade cheese, chocolate and confectionery on-site, where you can watch and learn on their working farm: spectacular views, full tummies, and big smiles.

Coal River Farm, a dairy in a wine region near Hobart

Riversdale Estate

Riversdale Estate is a winery we stumbled across when heading to Frogmore Creek Cellar (closed due to a wedding), and we are so glad it was! 

Riversdale, just a few hundred metres down the road, is closer to the ocean, bringing us to the first wine (an ocean-aged sparkling). Jasper, the winemaker, started this technique in 2020 when he submerged 500 bottles of Sparkling wine in the ocean. Why, you ask? This eliminates oxygen and sunlight, continuously stirring the lees due to the ocean's currents and movements. 

Besides the sparkling, we loved Jasper's Pinot as it held a lot of weight, which we felt many Tasmanian Pinots were missing. 

The location of this winery is jaw-dropping, and the building and furnishings inside are so decadent. The interior crossed London's gentlemen's clubs and a royal library. Y

You've got to check this place out purely for the fit-out!

RIversdale Estate in the Coal River Valley, a wine region near Hobart

Watch our YouTube video here as we show you 3 wine day trips from Hobart!

Huon Valley

Huon River Valley, a wine region near Hobart

Formerly the hub of Tasmania's apple dominance, the Huon Valley has become a sought-after haven for wine enthusiasts, just a 40-minute drive from downtown Hobart. 

As Australia's southernmost significant wine region, the Huon Valley boasts unique characteristics and natural attributes, setting it apart from other Tasmanian wine destinations. Mirroring the broader Tasmanian trend, Chardonnay, Riesling, and, notably, Pinot Noir thrive in this region. 

Additionally, the valley sees abundant production of Rosé and Sparkling wines, contributing to the diverse and thriving vinicultural landscape.

Here is a lineup of our favourite wineries in the Huon River Valley:

Kate Hill Wines

Kate Hill Wines is a small winery that provides a personal touch, with winemaker Kate Hill herself often seen pouring tastings at the cellar door. 

When she established herself in the Huon Valley, Kate already had some severe wine-making skills. She has poured her focus into her little corner of Tasmania, producing some eclectic wines from her vineyard parcels, including what might be Australia's coolest climate Shiraz. 

The Pinot here was super delicate, showing all those old-world flavours we love: forest floor, savoury, dusty and musty.

Aerial of Kate Hill Vineyard in Huon Valley, a wine region near Hobart

Home Hill Winery

Home Hill Winery known for its Kelly's Reserve Pinot Noir, is a family-run winery and restaurant located in the Huon. Unfortunately, the day we visited, they had an event on, so the cellar door and tasting were closed, so we can't report back on much! However, due to this region's limited number of wineries, it should go on your list to check out!

Frank's Cider

Frank's Cider brings a refreshing change to the Tasmanian wine trail. Located in the heart of Huon Valley, they offer a fun range of apple and pear ciders. 

The Clark family goes back over 150 years to the founding of Franklin. Frank planted most of the orchards from which the cider is currently produced, including some of Australia's oldest heritage apple orchards. 

Pop by the adorable cellar door, which is housed in a converted church, and taste through their impressive range of eight or more ciders!

Mewstone Wines

Mewstone Wines is a boutique vineyard located on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. The vintner duo, Jonny and Matt Hughes focus on producing small quantities of single-site wines with minimum intervention in the winery. 

This is the trendy place to be and was packed when we arrived. They had all the natural wines on display this weekend we visited, which isn't really our style, so we passed on this one - the property is gorgeous throughout, and if natural is your style, then check it out!!!

Derwent Valley

Derwent Valley Vineyards aerial view, a wine region near Hobart

The Derwent Valley, a charming wine region in Tasmania situated just a 30-minute drive north of Hobart, offers a cool climate ideal for crafting premium Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Riesling wines, both still and sparkling. 

The region traces the path of the Derwent River as it meanders southwest into the d'Entrecasteaux Channel. Dominated by a handful of larger producers as a result of industry mergers and acquisitions, these few entities contribute to over 75 per cent of the valley's wine production, making up around 7 per cent of Tasmania's total output.

Here is a lineup of our favourite wineries in the Derwent Valley:

Stefano Lubiana Wines

Stefano Lubiana Wines is Tasmania's first biodynamic vineyard located on the Derwent River. We were super excited about this winery as we had tried some of their (entry-level) wines on our travels on the mainland and were interested in what they were doing. 

They have a wide range of barrel types and use whole bunch fermentation and wild yeasts, creating a distinctive range of wines. Their Chardonnay and Pinot are Burgundian in style with a Tassie twist, and all their wines show an elegance and class that you'll remember. 

They have won a bunch of international awards, but the best award will be going there yourself and being your own judge.

Derwent Estate Vineyard

Derwent Estate Vineyard lies along the banks of the Derwent River, bathing in sunshine–this is the place to kick back and rest. 

With a cellar door set in a beautiful old colonial house, the vineyards and water provide a serene backdrop for a solid wine tasting. 

They make a variety of wines, but their flagship wine is the Chardonnay, which conveys the impact of the high subsoil calcium levels in the soil.

Glass of wine at Derwent Estate, in a wine region near Hobart

Moorilla Winery

Moorilla Winery is one of Tasmania's oldest wineries and was purchased in 1995 by David Walsh. The site later became home to the iconic MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), a must-visit for anyone visiting Hobart! 

Be warned, you may want to visit the winery before the museum, as the art is a little intense, to say the least! Whether or not you're into the art - it's well worth the experience. 

The winery specialises in producing small quantities of boutique wines.

Old bottle of Moorilla Estate wine , in one of the wine regions near Hobart


To sum things up, from Hobart, it's easy to explore all the top wineries in the three regions of Coal River Valley, Huon Valley and Derwent Valley. There are many producers to try that will bring you face to face with brilliant cool climate wines and delicious local cheese. 


So whether you are planning for a few days out or even just experiencing a day trip, Tasmania won't disappoint. Put these three wine regions near Hobart on your list! Enjoy your travels! 


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