Sipping Through The Best Tasmania Wine on the East Coast Trail

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Join us as we explore the east coast of Tasmania-famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, delicious produce, unique wildlife, and pristine coastline. 

However, this coast is also home to a burgeoning wine industry that has blossomed over the years. The East Coast region of Tasmania boasts some of the most notable Pinots and Chardonnays, which also call for some epic Sparkling Wine. 

If you are a wine hunter looking to explore some highly reputable and fun wines, along with some of the most beautiful coastline we've seen in Australia, then the East Coast Wine Trails should be on your bucket list to find some of the best Tasmania wine!

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The Best Tasmania Wine on the East Coast

Freycinet Vineyard

Located at the edge of Freycinet National Park, Freycinet Vineyard is the oldest vineyard and winery on the east coast of Tasmania. The vineyard produces various wines, including award winning sparkling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and  some delicious cool-climate Cabernet, to name a few. 

The property dates back to 1979 and sits in an amphitheatre-like setting, attributing to a unique microclimate with a range of ripening times and temperatures to play around with.  This amphitheatre bowl is what allows Freycinet to have a microclimate to produce Cabernet, separating it from its closest neighbors where the vineyards are too cool to grow the king of grapes. 

The Radenti R3 Sparkling has earned a reputation and cult following, being the first Sparkling made in the East. It mixes three vintages (40% 2012, 44% 2013, 16% 2014) of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir and spends seven years on lees. Hello Brioche!! 

Matthew was also a big fan of their Cabernet/Merlot, reminding him of the old school Bordeaux - 20 years before they started to appeal to the more extensive, oakier pallet. 

This gorgeous little winery set a high baseline of what the East Coast wine regions offer.

Bookings aren't required so feel free to drop in anytime during cellar door hours.

Freycinet Vineyar Winery, where they make some of the best Tasmania wine

Watch our YouTube video here as we tour the East Coast of Tasmania!

Spring Vale Vineyard

Spring Vale Vineyard is located in Cranbrook, a small town between Swansea and Bicheno. If you've ever dreamt of tasting wine in an old stable that was built by convict labour, then–here you go! The 1842 heritage-listed cellar door gives you a peek into penal colony living, with the added luxury of wine. 

The highlights for us were the Family Selection Blanc De Blanc, Pinot Gris (in our opinion, Tassie is crushing at these!!) and the Estate Pinot Noir. 

Spring Vale is a slightly larger production winery, so you are able to find their wines around Australia.  But their smaller-production labels are cellar door only, making the trip all the more worthwhile.

Spring Vale's cellar door is open 7 days a week , so feel free to stop by any time to taste these amazing wines!  Spring Vale is an absolute must-visit on your East Coast wine tour.  

Spring Vale Cellar Door Entrance, in the running for The Best Tasmania wine!

Some of our favorite gear!

Milton Vineyard

The Milton Vineyard is situated in the township of Swansea and is a close stop after Spring Vale if you want to squeeze another tasting in just across the road. 

They got their star producing extra fine Tasmanian Merino wool and now pride themselves on producing cool climate wines. 

They have a pretty small lineup of wines; however, they just started producing the Spanish variety Tempranillo, which is a fun one and unique in the region. The location of the winery and vineyard is nothing short of stunning, and it still has 3500 sheep still looked after by the family. 

Once again, a cellar door open every day and bookings are not required. The wineries really make it easy to drop in however your schedule allows.

It's great to see these family-run operations still in action!

Looking across the dam at Milton Vineyard, producing some of the best Tasmania wine

Devil's Corner Cellar Door

Devil's Corner Cellar Door is located right around the corner and is a more popular brand label on and off the Island. 

While a larger label, the cellar door is intimate and overlooks some breathtaking views of the Hazards (a mountain range in Freycinet National Park). 

Devil's Corner Cellar Door also boasts a wood-fired pizza oven, serving delicious gourmet pizzas made with local fresh produce, making it the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

Devil's Corner is open 7 days a week for drop in tasting, however the premium tasting experiences do require pre-booking.




Travelling along the East Coast of Tasmania makes an easy road for a lineup of incredible views and wineries. Add Tasmania's East Coast Wine Trails to your travel wishlist if you're a wine and travel lover. 

With award-winning produce, friendly hosts, and mesmerising views, it's hard to resist the lure of this stunning coastline combined with some of the best Tasmania wine!

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