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The ULTIMATE wine gifts list for the serious wine lover

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for your loved ones. Do you have a friend or family member who is an avid wine lover? Then you're in luck because we've got you covered. Here are our 8 best gift ideas that are perfect for serious wine lovers.  These wine gifts will show your loved one how much you care about their passion for wine.

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1. The BEST review of French wines and wine regions

If your special someone is a real oenophile, French wines will place somewhere high on their list.  This 2 volume comprehensive dive into the French wine industry will keep them engrossed in learning for the whole year!  Covering every wine region in France, it reviews over 800 producers and 7,000 wines.  The New French Wine is a necessity in every wine library!

wine gift French wine and wine regions

2. Wine + Swords= Fun!

Who doesn’t love champagne?  And who doesn’t love swords??  Lets put them together!  Originating from a method used by Napoleonic troops to open bottles of wine, sabering champagne has become the trick de rigeur for any party.  This beautiful Laiole Classic sabre à champagne has a stainless steel blade and olive wood handle.  Just as perfect as a conversation piece as it is useful for opening that bottle of bubbly.

wine gift sword for sabering

3. A wine cellar to be proud of!

As our interest(obsession) with wine grows, we all start picking up some “nicer” bottles to store away and age.  To do that properly, temperature and humidity must be controlled to provide the perfect aging environments for our precious bottles.  This Devanti 51 bottle Storage Cellar is the perfect place to ensure those special bottles are maintained in the perfect atmosphere to age for years to come.

wine gift wine fridge

4. The ultimate corkscrew for wine lovers

Remember those bottles you’ve been aging in that cellar above for a few years?  They’re ready to crack open!  But, cork stoppers in wine can become fragile over the years.  And we wouldn’t want to break the cork apart before we could get to that amazing wine beneath it.  Enter The Durand Corkscrew: part wine key, part Ah So, its the perfect tool to extract old corks intact and ensure the nectar hidden behind is ready to pour into your glass.

wine gift corkscrew

5. An elegant wine decanter for a classy meal

  1. Riedel has been at the top of the wine glass game for a long time, and their decanters only up that game.  The Riedel Cornetto Decanter is an exquisite handmade crystal decanter that will not only aerate your wines prior to drinking, but do it with elegant style.
wine gift decanter

6. Wine Travel in style

Remember the last time you toured wine country and had to count all the bottles you purchased?  No room left in the suitcase to pack them all?  Next time, take the VinGarde Valise with you and you troubles will be solved.  This case can haul 12 bottles of your collection while still remaining under the airline bag weight limit, and will protect them far better than that pair of jeans you wrapped around them last time!

wine gift wine carry suitcase

7. Keep those wine tasting notes in order

It’s hard to remember all the wineswe try.  Between our own bottles, those shared with friends, tastings, winery visits, etc.  it can be a lot to remember!  The Wine Folly Wine Journal helps to make sure we keep all those notes handy, either to remember wines to purchase later or reflect back on when tasting new vintages.  Every wine lover should have one of these to help keep all those tasting notes tracked!

wine gift journal

8. A beautiful cheese and charcuterie board to pair with your best wines

It’s pretty rare that a wine lover isn’t also a cheese lover.  After a visit to the markets and a cheese and charcuterie haul that rivals our weekly grocery budget, they deserve better than a dinner plate to be served on!  This  Toscana Acacia Wood Charcuterie Board fits the bill perfectly for a classic and elegant way to serve  all that prosciutto and Brie.  The live edge wood adds that extra character to make this stand out from other options.

cheese and charcuterie wine gift

While there are many gifts for wine lovers, not all are made for serious wine lovers, and many exceed the budget you may be looking to stick within. We just shared There are so many unique gifts out there that are made specifically for serious wine lovers. From Champagne Sabres to cheese boards, all of these gifts will show your wine-loving friend or family member just how much you care about their passion for wine. So, go ahead and choose the perfect gift that shows off their love of the grape! Happy Holidays!


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