The 9 BEST gifts for wine lovers UNDER $100!

Written by: Matthew Raica



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The avid wine-loving friend, colleague, parent, partner or someone in your life's special day is approaching, and it's time to start thinking up gift ideas that impress beyond the old-age bottle of wine. We get it! and have you covered with nine of the best gifts for wine lovers (without breaking the bank). From wine accessories to Monopoly, these gifts will show your loved one how much you care about their passion for wine and may even show how much you know about the world of wine, too! 

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P.S. These gifts for wine lovers are used and approved by us!

1. A (good-looking) wine tote

Have you ever wanted to take a bottle of wine to a friend's party or carry that special bottle out to pair with the new steakhouse in town? You could always tuck it under your arm, risk the horrible drop, and shatter. Or, carry that bottle (or two!) in style with this trendy Fochier Wine Bag. Not only does it look good, but it's also insulated to keep your wines at the perfect cellar temperature.

gifts for wine lovers tote bag

2. A quality corkscrew

Every wine connoisseur deserves a quality corkscrew. Once you've used a good one, you'll never go back to the cheap one you picked up at the counter of the local bottle shop. Lagouile are handcrafted in France, mainly around the village of Thiers. While more famously known for knives, their corkscrews are top-of-the-line as well! 

gifts for wine lovers corkscrew

3. Polishing cloths.. trust us

Don't you hate it when you pull out the wine glasses to pour that first drink of the evening, and rather than a beautiful, crystal-clear globe, it's a hazy, smudgy mess? No - well, you bet that the wine lover in your life does. These Riedel polishing cloths ensure that you never ruin your evening again. We use these daily to clean our wine glasses, and they never fail to leave everyone streak-free.

gifts for wine lovers polishing cloths

4. The ultimate wine book for Italy-lovers

Are you looking for a gift for the enophile and bibliophile in your life? Vino Italiano is a comprehensive and addicting read on all things Italian and Wine. It is an absolute must-have for every wine lover in their book collection. We love this book so much; we have multiple copies!

gifts for wine lovers italian wine book

5. Not your ordinary charcuterie and cheese board

There's no getting away from food if you're into wine. And a frequent companion to an amazing glass is a beautiful charcuterie and cheese board. This Charcuterie Board Gift Set has drawers to keep the cheese knives organised, small bowls for your olives and dips, and minor slate signs to label your cheeses so you don't have to repeat them to each guest! 

gifts for wine lovers cheese and charcuterie board

6. The coffee table book for wine lovers

Everybody loves a good coffee table book—something to browse through during that morning coffee besides the latest social media posts. Wineries of the World is a beautiful collection of architecture in the wine industry and will provide hours of conversation.

gifts for wine lovers wineries of the world coffee table book

7. Monopoly... but Napa style

Who doesn't love Monopoly?! Either it's hours of family and/or friend fun or a full-blown capitalistic battlefield during get-togethers. This Monopoly: Napa Valley version lets you take control of your very own wine-fuelled empire. Who's going to own the Silverado Trail? Will you lay claim to the entire Calistoga area? P.S. Wine is not provided; you'll have to bring your own bottle!

gifts for wine lovers monopoly Napa

8. A sturdy but beautiful wine decanter

A beautiful wine decanter makes the dinner setting look fantastic and, even more importantly, will improve almost any wine poured into it. Even the less expensive bottles we all get to save us from drinking "the good stuff" during the week will benefit from being decanted. This Krosno Avant-Garde Decanter is a perfect option for daily use; beautiful and aesthetic while also sturdy enough to take a little abuse.

gifts for wine lovers Decanter

9. Quality (yet affordable) wine glasses

Quality wine glasses are essential for any bottle you open, and these Krosno Duet glasses are a fantastic, affordable option. These glasses are in our home for daily use, and we have yet to break one! (we've broken a few on our van travels). The best part is that these prices are so great you can combine them with other gifts on this list and still be within budget!

gifts for wine lovers affordable wine glasses

While there are many gifts for wine lovers, not all are made for serious wine lovers, and many exceed the budget you may be looking to stick within. We just shared some of our favourite daily wine-loving items (maybe apart from Monopoly, someone would cry too many times), and we're sure the wine lover in your life will be impressed by them, too.  Enjoy!

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