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Are you a wine lover who's planning to visit Barossa Valley soon? Well, you're in luck because, in this blog post, we will take you on a tour of the best wineries you should visit in the Barossa Valley. Known as Australia's premier wine region, Barossa is home to some of the world's finest wineries.


South Australia is a paradise for wine enthusiasts, with Barossa being the ultimate destination that showcases some of the finest wines you'll ever taste. Barossa's wineries are known for their idyllic locations, exquisite cuisine, and exceptional climate, which makes for an unforgettable wine-tasting experience. The challenge is deciding where to start. In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the best wineries in Barossa- each with its unique personality and charm. So grab your glass, fill it with something yummy, and explore Barossa, South Australia's finest Wine Country.

Wineries in the Barossa Valley

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Hentley Farm: charm and grace in a glass

Hentley Farm is not just about excellent wines; it's a picturesque destination known for its fantastic vineyard views. 

The winery is located in the western Barossa Hills and boasts several different tasting areas within its gorgeous 1840s cottage cellar door, each with a unique experience. You can enjoy a casual afternoon on the lawn or take it up a notch with an exclusive wine-tasting experience at The Atrium, which includes a delicious Discovery Menu lunch. 

Hentley Farm has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of Barossa's most elegant Shiraz. We loved every wine we tried here, but some standouts for us were the opening glass of Blanc de Noir, full of grapefruit and green apple characters, Old Legend Grenache (Jimmy Watson winner poured from the Jimmy Watson trophy!), the comparison between the vastly different Beauty and Beast Shiraz's, and their flagship wine, the Clos Otto Shiraz. 

Special shout out to Ashley, the cellar door manager, who made this experience one of the best we have had in Australia! Hands down, Hentley Farm cannot be missed on your Barossa tour! 

Hentley Farm requires bookings, which can be made on their website.

Matthew and Ashley discussing wineries in the Barossa Valley

Chateau Tanunda: the only TRUE Chateau in Australia

Chateau Tanunda has become synonymous with Barossa wine and is Australia's largest and only true Chateau. This winery boasts a long and rich history in the industry, with its vines dating back to the 1800s. 

The winery produces various vintage wines, including Riesling, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon. They provide an exceptional wine-tasting experience at the Chateau in Tanunda and have a Sydney cellar door if you can't make it to South Australia. 

Bookings are not required, but some premium tasting experiences do need to be booked in advance. It is best to contact directly to find out details.

Aerial view of Chateau Tanunda,  the only true chaeau amongst the wineries in the Barossa Valley

Bar Musque: A gin library in the heart of wine country

Bar Musque should be on the list for any wine lover visiting Barossa. Located in downtown Tanunda, the bar is an elegant Art Deco marvel, offering a plethora of gins from around the world for you to experience. 

The cocktails here would rival any fancy bar in the city, and the staff are engaging and ready to educate on the variety of gins available (over 470!)  

The food here was also excellent; we ordered the duck pâté twice - providing a perfect snack between tastings or a delicious dinner after a long day.

Greenock Creek: Classic and heritage

Greenock Creek has a simple philosophy: great wines come from great grapes, and it's hard not to agree with them after tasting their exceptional wines. 

The winery's location in the north-west of the Barossa Valley provides a perfect climate, allowing the grapes to flourish. The vines are over 100 years old, with a unique microclimate that sets them apart. 

Greenock Creek produces a limited quantity of wines each year, focusing on red wine varietals. Their Alice's Shiraz made it home with us; this wine was full of berries and cigar box—an extremely complex Barossa Shiraz. Make sure you also try their iconic Roennfeldt Road Shiraz; it's worth a taste. 

Bookings are not required but are suggested as the cellar door is small.

Wine and wine glasses from Greenock Creek, one of the wineries in the Barossa Valley

Forage Supply Co: Instagramable and in with the times

Forage Supply Co. is a newcomer amongst the wineries in the Barossa Valley, and is the perfect getaway for wine lovers . The setting is a renovated century-old stone cottage surrounded by gardens and vineyards. 

Tastings are held on the patio and in the restored cellars, and the cottage is available through Airbnb! 

The winery produces different varietals, including a delicious Grenache and some amazing Montepulciano. They are making some trendy and new-age wines with super fun branding. 

Forage Supply Company is open by appointment only, so call ahead.

David Franz: Funky and alternative

David Franz is a family-owned winery combining a rich history of winemaking in the Barossa Valley with David's ideals for respect in the vineyard. 

David grew up with wine in his blood.  As the son of famed Barossa Valley winemaker Peter Lehmann, David has been amongst the best of the Barossa Valley his whole life, and has applied all that knowledge to the wines produced here.

The winery is located in one of Barossa's historic villages, which boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the valley. David focuses first on the quality of the vineyard and the grapes they produce. The winery is warm and inviting, with friendly staff that's happy to walk you through the tasting experience. 

The build-your-own charcuterie boards have a range of meats, cheeses, pickles, and paté for you to choose from.

Conclusion to wineries in the Barossa Valley

Barossa is a wine lover's dream destination, and we've only just scratched the surface of its fantastic wineries. We hope this guide helps you on your next wine-tasting adventure in the Barossa Valley. From stunning vineyard views to exquisite cuisine and exceptional wines, it's hard not to fall in love with this beautiful wine country. 

Be sure to stick around for the next guide, where we'll introduce you to more of the best wineries in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit the Barossa Valley?

With its pleasant weather, anytime is best! However, it can get quite warm in the late summer and vintage in early fall is a busy time so wineries may not be able to host as many people. We would strongly suggest late spring/early summer as the best time!

Do I need to book tastings?

Not all wineries require bookings. In fact, many will make you an instant booking if you show up. However, even in the case of walk up tastings, we strongly suggest booking in to get the best experience.

How far is the Barossa Valley from (fill in the blank...)

Barossa is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the Adelaide airport. Or, if you're keen for a road trip: 9 hours from Melbourne, 14 hours from Sydney, or a full 32 hours drive time from Perth!

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